Tundra Region

      Tundra Region
No. Tundras
1. The Tundras are called as barren lands. They are cold deserts.
2. These regions are located pole ward margins of North America and Canada, Arctic Islands etc,
3. Winters are long and very cold.
4. Sun is above the horizon continuously for three months in summer.
5. Sun is below the horizon during the winter. But the sky is not totally dark due to the twilight.
6. The Green or Red curtains of light on the night sky during the winter is called `Aurora Borealis' in the North Hemisphere and 'Aurora Australis` in the south Hemisphere.
7. Temperature is below the freezing point for nine months in a year.
8. Natural vegetation consists birches, willows, mosses, lichens, scrubby alders, flowering plants. Flowers burst into bloom during the summer.
9. Animal life includes Reindeer, Musk-ox, Arctic-fox, wolf etc.
10. The birds Ptarmigan and the Arctic-owl inhabit the Tundras.
11. The nomadic people living Eurasia of this region are called Lapps. They depend on Reindeer for meat, milk.
12. Sledge dogs are the domestic animals. They pull loads upto a Ton.
13. The native people of Tundra living in North America are called Eskimos. They engage in Hunting and Fishing.