Tropical Region-Hot Deserts

      Tropical Region
No. Tropical Region
1. The Tropical Region is also known as Hot deserts.
2. It is located between 15 degrees and 30 degree North and South latitudes.
3. Water is scarcity in this region.
4. Sahara Desert is located in this region. It is largest desert of the world.
5. Thar Desert, Australian Desert, Arabian Desert, Kalahari Desert, Atacama Desert are located in this region.
6. Azizia (Libya) which is located in sahara Desert is recorded world's highest temperature 58 degrees.
7. Death valley is recorded world's second highest temperature 56.7 degrees.
8. Temporary streams are called Wadies.
9. Temporary lakes are called Playas.
10. If the desert is covered by sand it is called Erg other wise it is called Regor Hamada.
11. The rivers flowing in this region are: Nile, Indus, Colorado, Orange etc.
12. The type of vegetation in this region is xerophyte. Xerophytes have thick barks and small leaves.
13. Camel is the most important animal in this region. Hence it is called as ship of the Desert.
14. Small lands where water is available is called as Oases.
15. The primitive Tribe Bushmen are living in Kalahari desert.
16. Farming is practice in Oasis. Wheat and Corn are chief crops.
17. Crude oil is the important mineral wealth in this region. The principal producers are: Saudi Arabia. Kuwait, Iraq., Iran and U.A.E
18. Chili is the largest producer of nitrates in the world.
19. Cairo is the largest city in this region.