The Tropical Grasslands Region

      Tropical Grasslands Region
No. Tropical Grasslands
1. The Tropical Grasslands Region is also known as `Savannas`.
2. It is located between 5-20 degrees North and South latitudes.
3. The savanna lands in Brazil, paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina are called Campos
4. The savanna lands in Venezuela and Colombia are called Llanos.
5. In this region Mt. Waialeale which is located in Hawaian islands recorded highest amount of rainfall (1234,4cm) in the world.
6. In this region victoria falls on the zambezi river is the most spectacular scenery.
7. Dense forests are on the equatorial marges. But these transforminto tall grass call elephant grass of 1-6 m. towards desert margins.
8. except west Indies density of population is less. Large areas are yet to be occupied.
9. Shifting Agriculture is practised.
10. The major crops are wheat, millets, maize, beans etc
11. Cuba is the largest exporter of sugar in the world. Hence it is called sugar bowl of the world.
12. Cuba is also famous for producing high quality of cigars called Havanas.
13. Hawaiin islands are the major producers of the Pine apples in the world.
14. The quebracho tree which is the greatest source of tannin is growing in this region.
15. Jamica is the largest producer of Bauxite.
16. Venezuela is the important producer of petroleum.
17. Zaire is the important producer of copper, cobalt and Uranium.