The Temperate Grasslands

      Temperate Grasslands-Steppes
No. Temperate Grasslands
1. The Temperate Grass lands are also known as steppes.
2. This includes Eurasia from western to caspian sea; Loess highlands of North western China; Anatolian plateau; Spanish meseta etc.
3. Large areas in this region are grasslands due to less rainfall. Grazing is the basic activity in these areas.
4. The amount of rainfall ranges between 25-50 cms.
5. In this region the Grand Canyon of the Colorado is located in the Colorado plateau in U.S.A.
6. The Grasslands are called as 'steppes' in North America: 'Prairies in South America; Velds and Downs in Australia; pampas in South Africa.
7. Kangaroos are present in Australia.
8. Agriculture is extensive in this region. Wheat is the major crop.
9. In U.S. Patagonia best quality of wool is obtained from the Angora goats. It is obtained in large estates called Estancias.
10. Permanent settlements are found near oases.
11. Mineral wealth of this region consists coal, Manganese, Ores, Gold, Diamond Gold etc.
12. Witwaters Rand is famous for gold deposists and kimberly is for the Diamonds.
13. The Urban centres of this region includes Baku, Ankara, Madrid, Ulanbotor, pretoria, Johannesburg etc.