Taiga Region-World Geography

      Taiga Region
No. Taiga Region
1. The Taiga Region is also known as sub-Arcties.
2. It is located between 50-70 degrees latitudes.
3. This region contains a huge belt of coniferous forests.
4. It contains mainly in North America and Eurasia.
5. The deepest fresh water lake in the world 'Lake Bikal' is present in Siberia.
6. Temperature is below the freezing point for more than half year. Winters are severe and long.
7. Verkhoyansk in Siberia recorded highest range of average annual temperature. It has also recorded lowest temperature for North Hemisphere. Hence it is called 'coldpole'.
8. Rainfall ranges between 25-51 cms. Rainfall occurs mainly during summer.
9. It is the most important Fur producing region in the world.
10. The rivers Yakutsk and Lena are frozen for 210 days in a year.
11. Population is very thin in this region.
12. Wolves, sqirrels, Lynx and Hares are important in this region.
13. Wood pecker, Gross Beak and Grouse are the important birds in this region.
14. During summer some vegetable and grains like Oats and Rye are produced.
15. Canada is leading in the Newsprint production in the world.
16. Highest quality of Iron deposits are located in Sweden.
17. Industry is based on timber, pulpwood and Hydro electric power.
18.  The world largest Aluminium plant is located in Arvida in Quebec in Canada.
19. Irkutsk, Alaska, Murmansk, Archangel etc. are the Urban centres in this region.