Monsoon Region-World Geography

      Monsoon Region
No. Monsoon Region
1. This region is located between 10-30 degrees North and South latitudes in south Asia, Australia and Indonesia etc.
2. Year is divided into Summar, Rainy and the winter seasons.
3. Mawsynram (1141 cms) and Cherrapunji (1087.4 cms) which are located in Khasi hills of North East India, are recorded world second and third highest amount of rainfall.
4. Teakwood, sal, rosewood, bamboo and Eucalyptus (Australia) are the principal forest trees in this region.
5. Australia is called ' the Land of the living Fossils' due to the presence of kangaroos.
6. India which is the second most populous country in the world and Bangladesh which is the most densely populated country in the world are located in this region.
7. Gangetic plain is the world largest alluvial plain.
8. Agriculture is the primary occupation. Rice is the principal crop.
9. Bangladesh and India are the principal producers of Jute.
10. India and Sri Lanka are the principal producers of 'Tea'.
11. Rice is commercial crop in Mianmar and Thailand.
12. The costliest forest product Teakwood is mainly exported by Mainmar and Thailand.
13. India is one of the largest producer of Mica and Manganese.
14. The important Urban centres in this region are Mumbai, Delhi, Dacca, Calcutta, Bankok, Manila, Chennai, Yangoon etc.