Mediterranean Region-World Geography

      Mediterranean Region
No. Mediterranean Region
1. The Mediterranean Region is located between 30-40 degrees North and South latitudes.
2. This region is famous for tourist centres due to its pleasant climate.
3. Rainfall takes place in winter. Summer is dry.
4. This region is located mainly around the Mediterranean sea.
5. Agriculture is well developed in this region.
6. The agriculture of Mediterranean region is characterised by the 'olive-Citrus-Vine' trio. Wheat, barley, nuts, vegetables, beans are the other important crops that are cultivated in this region.
7. In chili beef cattle are reared in large estates called as 'Haciendas'
8. California is famous for exporting quality of Oranges.
9. Capetown is famous for fruit growing.
10. Fishing is in practice in this region.
11. Monterey in California is called as 'Sardine capital of the world'.
12. Italy is the leading producer of Mercury.
13. In Italy statuary Marbles of carrara are very famous.
14. Copper in spain; Bauxite in France; Iron ore in Algeria; Coal, Zinc and Lead in Turkey, are mined.
15. Petroleum from California, Copper and Nitrates from Chili are exported.
16. Signal Hill of California is the famous oil field in the world.
17. World famous Lead-Zinc mines are located in Broken Hill of Australia.
18. Processing of fruits, Oilives manufacture of wine are the common industries.
19. Holly wood in California is famous for Motion picture industry.
20. This region is famous for Tourism. California is called as playground of America.
21. Crimea, Dalmation coast and Rivieras of France and Italy are known as playgrounds of Europe.
22. This region has many ancient cities like Athens, Rome, Istanbul etc.