Equatorial Region-World Geography

      Equatorial Region
No. Equatorial Region
1. The Equatorial Region is also called as Rainy Tropics.
2. This region is located between 10 degrees North and 10 degrees South latitudes. In coastal region it extends upto 20 degrees.
3. This region covers in Asia, Africa and South America continents.
4. Highest amount of rainfall is received in this region.
5. It contains world's densest forests.
6. Low pressure belts called Doldrums encircles the earth near equator.
7. Temperature is 21-32 degrees.
8. Rainfall is between 150-300 cms. p.a.
9. Most of the Brazil is covered in this region.
10. It receives highest amount of rainfall of 1016 cm in Mt. Cameroon is Africa.
11. Insulation and humidity is high.
12. Singapore is the largest Urban centre.
13. It has less populated areas.
14. Groups of people living in his region are: Indians in Amazon basin; Head-hunters in Borneo; Pygmis in congo basin; Samang and Sakai in Malaysia Kabus in Sumatra.
15. Life is miserable due to highest humidity.
16. It has world's densest Forests called Selvas.
17. Mahagany, cedar, rose wood, ebony are found
18. Rubber, coconuts oil palms are chief crops.
19. Malaysia and Indonesia produce 90% of the world total Rubber production.
20. Mineral wealth consists sulphur, Tin and Petroleum.
21. Mexico is the largest producer of Sulphur.
22. Malaysia the largest producer of Tin.
23. Singapore, Georgetown, Rio de Janeiro etc are important Urban centres.