Indian Economy

Indian Economy

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Employment and Unemployment

NSSO 68th Round Survey:
The National Sample Survey Office(NSSO) released the key indicators of Employment and Unemployment in India on 20th June 2013 from its 68th round survey conducted during the period July 2011-June 2012.
Usual Status(US) is determined on the basis of one year period.
Current Weekly Status(CWSO) is determined on the basis of one week period.
Current Daily Status(CDS) is determined on the basis of one day.
There are two indicators in Usual Status(US) approach. One is based on principal activity called Usual Principal Status (ps). Another one is  based on both principal and subsidiary activities called Usual Status(ps+ss).
Key Indicators in Usual Status(ps+ss):
Labour force participation rate(LFPR):
It is 40% at all India level. 41% from rural areas and 37% from urban areas.
It is 56% for males and 23% for females.
Worker Population Ratio(WPR):
It is 39% at the all India level. 40% in rural areas and 36% in urban areas.
It is 54% for males and 22% for females.
Unemployment Rate(UR):
It is nearly 2% at all India level.
In rural areas it is about 2% and is about 3% in urban areas.
It is nearly 2% in rural areas for both males and females and in urban areas nearly 5% for females and 3% for males.


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