Indian Economy

Indian Economy

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Indian Economy-Indexes

Reserve Bank of India Key Rates-Monetary and Liquidity Measures:
Reserve Bank of India Monetory policy rate -Reserve requirements as on Aug7,2013
Bank Rate, Repo Rate, CRR. SLR :
Bank Rate: 10.25%
Repo Rate: 7.25%
Reverse Repo Rate: 6.25%
Cash Reserve Ratio of Scheduled banks: 4%
Marginal Standing Facility: 10.25%
Statutory Liquidity Ratio: 23%
Consumer Price Index(CPI) for May, 2013:(provisional):
Rural: 129.8
Urban: 128.4
Combined: 129.2

Exchange Rates Exchange Rates of Indian Rupee on 19 June, 2013:
US Dollar = 58.7445
Pound Sterling = 91.9880
Euro = 78.6996 Japanese
Yen = 61.8200

Base Year for IIP:
Base Year for Index of Industrial Production is 2004-05.
Index of Industrial Production: May 2013
IIP for Basic Goods: 155.2 Growth Rate: -0.4
IIP for Basic Metals: 188.2 Growth Rate:-4.1
IIP for Capital Goods: 221.2 Growth Rate:-2.7

Base year for wholesale price index:
The Base Year for Wholesale Price Index - Inflation is 2004-05.
Wholesale Price Index - Inflation:
Wholesale Price Index-Inflation: June-2013
For all Commodities: 4.86
For Primary Articles: 8.14
For Food Articles: 9.74


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