Indian History

Swaraj Party

  • After the withdrawal of Non Cooperation Movement there was difference of opinion among the Congress leaders.
  • Some of them argued that the Non-Cooperation should be continued. They are called No-changers. They include Rajendra Prasad, Rajagopalachari, Vallabhai Patel etc.
  • Some of the other leaders argued that they should end boycott of legislatures and contest in elections. They are called pro-changers. They include C.R.Das, Motilal Nehru, Srinivas Iyyengar etc.
  • In the Gaya Congress Session in 1922 C.R. Das who presided it, proposed the programme of entering into legislatures but it was defeated.
  • On January 1, 1923 C.R.Das founded Swaraj Party. C.R Das was its president and Motilal Nehru was its secretary.
  • Swaraj Party contested in elections to the central legislature in November 1923 and won 42 seats out of 104. It passed a resolution on 18th February 1924 requesting the Government to establish fully responsible Government in India.
  • Muddiman Committee was appointed as a result of the resolution passed by the Swaraj Party.
  • Motilal Nehru refused to become a member of Muddiman Committee.
  • The aim of the Swaraj Party was to wreck the Government of India Act 1919.
  • Swaraj Party held its first conference at the residence of Motilal Nehru in Allahabad to decide future programme.
  • The programme of Swaraj Party was obstructionism.
  • Swaraj Party declared that they would cooperate the constructive programme of the Congress under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • As a result of the efforts of the Swaraj Party some of the demands were rejected by the Central Assembly in the budget of 1924-25.
  • The introduced by the V.J.Patel in February 1925 was passed.
  • The Swarajists boycotted all receptions, functions or parties organised by the Government.
  • As a result of the efforts of the Swarajists National aims and aspirations were expressed and National grievances were fully voiced in Legislative Assembly. Legislative Assembly was appeared as a truly National Assembly for the first time Swaraj Party gradually disappears after the death of C.R.Das