Indian History


  • Nandas established an empire for the first time in India.
  • Nanda dynasty was founded by Mahanandin. But later he was killed by Mahapadmananda.
  • It was said that Mahapadmananda killed Kalasoka and ascended the Magadha throne.
  • As per the Jain literature Parishistaparva he belonged to low caste Sudra like barbar.
  • He was the first Sudra who come to power setting aside upper caste supremacy.
  • Mahapadmananda established a powerful empire.
  • He had the titles of `Ekarat`, `Ekashatra`.
  • He was called as second `Parashurama`.
  • Mahapadmananda was a great administrator.
  • He was the first real emperor of India.
  • As per Hathigumpha inscription Nandas defeated Kalinga and carried the statue of `Jina` as victory trophy.
  • Alexander invasions took place during the period of Dhanananda.
  • Dhanananda was the last ruler of the dynasty.
  • He was killed by Chandragupta Maurya who established Mauryan dynasty in 323 B.C.
  • The Chinese traveller Hieun-Tsang mentioned that Nandas erected 5 stupas in Pataliputra.