Indian History

Indian History

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Indus Valley Civilization Early Vedic Civilization Later Vedic Civilization Buddhism Jainism Persian-Greek Invasions Mauryan Empire Kushans Gupta Empire Harshavardhana Indian Culture Sangam Age Satavahanas Chola Empire Badami Chalukyas Pallavas Rashtrakutas Kalyani Chalukyas Rajputs Muslim Invasions Bahmani Empire Delhi Sultans Mughal Empire Hoysala Kingdom Independent Kingdoms Kakatiyas Kalachuri Kingdom Later Pandyas Marathas Vijayanagara Empire Yadavas Sur Dynasty-Shershah Sikhs Advent of Europeans Revolts Governor Generals British Rule Natonal Leaders Popular Movements Revolutionary Terrorism Rise of Natonalism Viceroys Education-Press Constitutional Developments

Muslim league-Pakistan

      Muslim league-Pakistan
No. Muslim league
1. Muslim League was established on the efforts of Salimullah, the Nawab of Decca on December 31, 1906.
2. Agakhan was the first president of Muslim League.
3. Under the leadership of Agakhan a representation was given to Lord Minto requesting to provide separate electorates for Muslims.
4. As a result separate electorates were allotted to Muslims in 1909 through the Indian Councils Act 1909.
5. The concept of Pakistan was first initiated by Rahmat Ali in 1933.
6. The Pakistan Resolution was passed by the Muslim League in 1940 in its Lahore session.
7. The Muslim League declared that its Ultimate goal is attaining Pakistan.
8. Muslim League withdrew its acceptance of the Cabinet Mission Plan on 29th July 1946.
9. It observed 16th August 1946 as "Direct Action Day".
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