Indian History

First Anglo Mysore War

  • The First Anglo-Mysore war took place between 1767-1769.
  • Hyder Ali was a powerful ruler in Mysore. His ambition was to drive the British away from the Carnatic and finally from India.
  • British also realised that there was a threat from Hyder Ali.
  • The British wanted to suppress Hyder Ali. To provoke Hyder Ali English stationed their armies in his territories. This resulted the First Mysore War.
  • British was successful in separating the Hyder Ali from Nizam and Nawab of Carnatic.
  • Hyder Ali defeated the English in the war.
  • The war was ended with the treaty of Madras on 15th April, 1769.
  • Mutual restitution of conquests, release of empolyees of the Madras Government by Hyder Ali, restoration of trade privilages of English factories etc. were the provisions of the Madras treaty.
  • Warren Hastings was the Governor General during the period of First Mysore war