Indian History

1857 Revolt

There are many causes for the failure of 1857 Revolt. The revolt did not spread to all the parts of India. It only confined to Northern and central India. The rulers of Gwalior, Hyderabad, Kashmir helped the British against the revolt. There was a lack of plan and leadership in the revolt. The result of 1857 Revolt was that the East India company rule was ended in India. The British Government enacted Parliament Act of 1858. As per this Act Indian administration shifted into the hands of the British crown. The Governor General of India was redigignated as viceroy. Viceroy was the representative of British emperor. The Act also created office of secretary of state for administrative control of India. As per the Act a British cabinet Minister shall be designated as secretary of state for India. Lord Canning was the first viceroy of India. Charles wood was the first secretary of state for India. The queen victoria promissed in her proclamation in 1858 that she would give good administration to the people of India and protect the rights of native rulers. Accordingly the doctrine of lapse was abolished and the native rulers were permitted to adoption.