Indian History


  • After the death of Muhammad Ghor, Qutb-ud-din-Aibak declared independence and became Delhi Sultan in 1206.
  • He was a slave of Muhammad Ghor.
  • Qutb-ud-din-Aibak laid foundation for the Turkish rule in India. Aibak was very kind and was called with the title "Lakbaksha" (giver of Lakhs).
  • He conquered Meerut, Ranthambor, Gujarat, Delhi, Bihar and Bengal.
  • He fell from his horse while playing horse Polo and died in 1210 A.D.
  • Aibak was succeeded by his son Aram Shah. But Aramshah was weak and incapable.
  • Hence nobles requested Iltutmish who was the Governor of Badayan to assume power.
  • Iltutmish reached Delhi and killed Aram Shah and ascended the throne in 1211 A.D.