Indian History

Lord Dufrin

  • Lord Dufferin
  • Third Burmese war in 1885 took place in the time of Lord Dufferin.
  • The Age of consent Act was passed.
  • He gave the fort of Gwalior to Maharaja Scindhia in 1886.
  • Three Tenancy Acts i.e. Bengal Tenancy Act of 1885, Oudh Tenancy Act of 1886, Punjab Tenancy Act of 1887 were passed in the time of Lord Dufferin.
  • The first session of Indian National Congress took place in 1885.
  • Punjdeh affair took place in 1884. After negotiations between Russia, Britain, India and Afghanista the line of demarcation wa settled in July 1887.
  • Lord Dufrin was the Viceroy at the time of establishment of Indian National Congress.