Indian History

16 Mahajanapadas

  • 1. Anga: The capita of Anga was Champa. It is present Bhagalpur and Monger districts of Bihar. Bimbisara annexed Anga to his empire.
  • 2. Kasi: The capital of Kasi was Varanasi. It was located between Varuna and Asi rivers. It was annexed to Kosala. During the period of Ajatashatru it was annexed to Magadha.
  • 3. Kosala: Kosala kingdom roughly corresponded to modern Oudh. Sravasti and Kusavati were the capitals of Kosala.
  • 4. Magadha: Magadha kingdom roughly corresponded to modern Patna and Gaya districts of the Bihar State. The capital of Magadha was Girivrajam/Rajgriha. Later Pataliputra became its capital.
  • 5. Vajji: Vajji kingdom was the confederacy of eight republics. Among the eight republics Lichchavi, Videha and Jnatrika were very prominent. The capital of Lichchavis was Vaishali. The capital of Videhas was Mithila. Lichchavis were engaged in constant wars with Magadha. But Bimbisara conciliated them by matrimonial alliances. He married Chellana daughter of Chetaka. Ajatasatru, son of Bimbisara continued wars with Lichchavis and conquered them.
  • 6. Malla: Malla kingdom was identified with the Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh. The capital of Malla was Kusinagar.
  • 7. Surasena: Surasena was located on the banks of river Yamuna. The capital of Surasena was Mathura.
  • 8. Panchala: Panchala kingdom corresponded to the present Badaun and Farrukabad of Uttar Pradesh. The capital of Norther Panchala was Ahichchatra and the capital of south Panchala was Kampilya.
  • 9. Vatsa: Vatsa corresponded to the present Allahabad area. The capital of Vatsa was Kausambi.
  • 10. Avanti: Avanti comprised present Malwa region and Nimar of Madhya Pradesh. Ujjain was the capita of northern part and Mahishmati was the capital of southern part.
  • 11. Kuru: The Kuru kingdom comprised the present Delhi and Meerut. The capital of Kuru was Hastinapur/Indraprastha.
  • 12. Matsya: Matsya kingdom comprised present Jaipur, Alwar, Bharathpur of Rajasthan State. Viratnagar was the capital of Matsya kingdom.
  • 13. Chedi: Chedi kingdom is identified with present Bundelkhand. Suktimathi was the capital of Chedi kingdom.
  • 14. Gandhara: Gandhara corresponded to the present Peshawar and Rawalpindi districts. Taxila was the capital of Gandhaara.
  • 15. Asmaka: Assaka and Mulaka were the two neighbouring states on the banks of river Godavari. Potana was the capital of Asmaka. Potana is identified with the present Bodhan in Nijamabad district of Andhra Pradesh. The capital of Mulaka was Paithan.
  • 16. Kambhoja: This kingdom corresponded to the present Rajouri and Hazarabad districts.