Indian History

Sher Shah

  • Sher Shah belonged to Sur Dynasty. He established Sur Dynasty at Delhi.
  • The original name of Sher Shah was Farid. He was born in 1472 A.D in Punjab.
  • The period of reign of Sher Shah was 1540-1545 A.D.
  • His father, Hussain was under the service of Jamal Khan in Punjab. The Jagirs of Shsaram, Khavaspur and Tanda were granted to Hassan.
  • Hassan had four wives and 8 sons.
  • Farid left his house in 1501 A.D and went to Jaunpur and learned Arabic, Persian literature and history.
  • He was appointed by his father as the governor of his Jagir in 1511 A.D.
  • Farid once again driven away in 1518 due to the jealousy of his step mother.
  • Ibrahim lodi gave the Jagir of Sahsaram, Khawaspur and Tanda to Farid after the death of Hassan.
  • After the death of his father he took the service of Bahar Khan Lohani,the rler of South Bihar in 1522.
  • Bahar Khan gave him the title of Sher Khan on killing a tiger and was made Deputy Governor of South Bihar.
  • Sher Khan refused to divide his Jagir when asked by Bahar Khan. Hence Sher Khan was turned out after taking forcible possession of his Jagir. Then Sher Khan entered into the Mughal service and rendered very useful service to Babur. But he left from Mughal service in 1528 and went to south Bihar.
  • Afther the death of Bahar Khan Lohani he got the possession of the Chunnar fort as a deputy governor of Bihar.
  • He was appointed as the deputy regent to Jalal, the minor son of Bahar Khan.
  • Nasrat Shah, the ruler of Bengal, invaded against South Bihar. But he was defeated by Sher Khan in 1529. As a result of this victory the prestige of Sher Khan was raised.