Indian History

1857 Revolt

  • Of All the rebellions against the rule of East India company in India 1857 Revolt was important one. It was also known as First War of Indian Independence. The aggressive expansionist policies of Dalhousie was responsible for the out break of the 1857 Revolt. The immediate cause for the out break of Revolt was the introduction of Enfield rifles in 1856. The greased catridges were to be bitten before loaded into the rifle. The grease was made up of cow and pig fat. The sepoys thought that the British intentionally hurting their religious beliefs and refused to use them. The revolt was started when Mangal Pandey refused to use the catridge and killed a british officer at Barakpur on March 29, 1857.
  • The sepoys at Meerut revolted on May 10, 1857. The sepoys declared Bahadur Shah II the Mughal emperor as the Emperor of India. Nana Saheb, the adopted son of Baji Rao II led the revolt in Kanpur. He got the help of Russia and succeeded in driving out the British from Kanpur. But captain campbell reoccupied Kanpur. Nana Saheb fled to Nepal. In Oudh Begum Hazarath Mahal. Who was the queen of the last Nawab of Oudh Wazid Ali, led the revolt. She got the help of Nana Saheb and Moulvi Ahmadullah. Tantia Tope, who was the follower of Nana Saheb was the bravest of all mutineers. He fought with British in Gwalior. Oudh and Kanpur. He was treacherously caught by Raja Mansingh and handed over to British. He was hanged by the British in 1859. Laxmibai of Jhansi led the revolt in Jhansi. He orginal name was Manikarnika. She was died fighting on 17th June 1857. Sir Hugh Rose suppressed the revolt. Khan Bahadur Khan, who was the legal heir to the Rohilkhand throne, rebelled in Bareilly. The British General Nicholson was died which he attempting to recapture Delhi. Bahadur Shah II was caught and sent to Rangoon. He was died in 1862 in Rangoon. Hudson killed all the sons of Bahadushah.