Indian History

Kalyani Chalukyas

  • Western Chalukyas are also called as Kalyani Chalukyas as they ruled from the capital Kalyani.
  • Taking the advantage of weakness of Rashtrakuta rulers the feudatory chief of the Rashtrakutas Tailapa II defeated the last Rashtrakuta ruler Karka II in 973 A.D. and declared independence.
  • Tailapa II annexed Manyakheta in 973.
  • He had the titles of Ahavamalla, Bhuvanaikamalla.
  • He defeated Paramara Munjaraja and imprisioned him. When Munjaraja tried to escape from prision he was caught and hanged.
  • The rivalry between Paramaras and Kalyani Chalukyas became an obstacle for the expansion of Malwa kingdom.
  • Kalyani Chalukyas involved in the heriditary quarrels of Vengi Chalukyas and supported Vijayaditya VII to ascend the throne.
  • Tailapa II was succeeded by Satyasraya.
  • During the reign of Satyasraya, Kalyani Chalukyas expanded their territory upto Roddanadu.
  • Satyasraya was succeeded by Vikramaditya. Next to him Ayyana II and after Ayyana II, Jayasimha II ascended the throne in 1015.
  • Someswara IV was the last ruler of Kalyani Chalukya kingdom.
  • The rule of Kalyani Chalukyas came to end with the declaration of independence by the Kakatiyas.