Indian History

Gupta Empire

  • Guptas age was Golden-Age in Indian History.
  • Srigupta was founder of the Gupta dynasty.
  • Chandragupta I is the first prominent ruler in this dynasty. He ruled from 320-330 A.D.
  • Other prominent rulers of this dynasty were Samudragupta, Chandragupta II (Vikramaditya) and Skandagupta.
  • Pataliputra was the capital of Gupta empire.
  • There are 42 inscriptions are available for Gutas period.
  • Among them 4 inscripions belong to Samudragupta, 6 inscriptions belong to Chandragupta II, 14 inscriptions belong to Kumaragupta, 5 inscripitons belong to Skandagupta,7 belongs to Budhagupta.
  • The maximum number of inscriptions of Guptas period belongs to KumaraguptaI.
  • Kamandaka`s Nitisara ives information about Gupta empire.
  • Guptas patronised Sanskrit language.
  • Many of the Astadasa Puranas were written during the Guptas period.
  • Skandagupta repaired Sudarsana lake for the second time. First it was repaired by RudradamanI.
  • The Gupta empire came to end by the sixth century A.D as a result of Huna invasions.