Indian History

Warren Hastings

  • Warren Hastings:(1773-1785):
  • According to the regulation act, 1773 Warren Hastings the then Governor of Bengal was appointed as Governor General of Bengal.
  • He abolished Dual Government.
  • He made Calcutta as his capital and shifted the treasury of the company from Murshidabad to Calcutta.
  • He fought with Marathas, Mysore Sultans and Rohillas.
  • He introduced the system of auctioning the right of collecting the Revenue in Bengal and Bihar.
  • But it was failed.
  • He was the patron of Asiatic Society.
  • He established High court at Calcutta and Civil and criminal Courts at district level.
  • He controlled the sanyasi bandits who kindnap the Children.
  • The events that took place during his period are: Rohilla War; second Mysore War, first Maratha War, Nandakumar episode, Pitt's India Act, 1784; Foundation of Asiatic Society of Bengal.