Indian History

Permanent Settlement System 1793

  • Permanent Settlement System
  • Permanent settlement system was introduced by Carnwallis in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa in 1793.
  • It was introduced according the school of thought led by the Sir John Shore.
  • Zamindars were recognized as permanent owners of land.
  • Zaminads required to pay 89% revenue to the state and permitted 11% of the revenue as their share.
  • The power of keeping armed forces by the Zaminadars was taken back and they remained just as collectors of land revenue.
  • The Zamindars were required to issue Patta and Quabuliyats to the cultivators mentioning the area of their land, and the amount of revenue to be paid by them to the state.
  • In 1790 a settlement for ten years was made with the Zamindars who were recognized as the owners of the land.
  • After the approval of the Court of Directors, the decennial Settlement was declared permanent on March 2, 1793.