Indian History

Bahmani Empire

  • Bahmani kingdom was established in 1347 A.D during the period of Muhammad Bin Tughluq, the Delhi Sultan.
  • Bahmani kingdom was ruled by 18 sultans from Gulbarga and Bidar.
  • The founder of the kingdom was Ala-ud-din Bahman Shah (Hasan Gangu).
  • Alauddin hasan Bahman Shah defeated the forces of Muhammad Bin Tughluq.
  • The first capital of bahmani kingdom was Gulbarga.
  • Later capital was shifted to Bider.
  • Frequent wars took place between the Bahmani Sultans and Vijayanagara rulers for possession of raichur Doab.
  • Muhammad Shah III and Feroz Shah were famous Bahman rulers.
  • Muhammad Gawan, the prime minister was vary famous, who introduced many reforms and got stability in the kingdom.
  • Muhammad Shah IV was the last Bahman ruler.
  • Bahmani kingdom existed till 1518 A.D.
  • Muslims of Bahmani kingdom were divided into Iranians and Deccans, thereby the kingdom became weak.
  • At last, the kingdom was divided into five parts i.e. Ahmadnagar, Bijapur, Golkonda, Bidar and Berar.
  • The famous Mosque at Gulbarga was built by Feroz shah.
  • The rulers dug a number of canals and tanks for the purpose of irrigation.
  • Muhammad Gawan established a Madarsa at Bidar. It was a very famous educational institution.
  • The last ruler of Bahmani kingdom was Kalimullah.