Indian History

Badami Chalukyas

  • Badami Chalukya kingdom was emerged as prominent kingdom after the downfall of Satavahana empire.
  • The founder of Badami Chalukya dynasty was Jayasimha.
  • His period of reign was 485 A.D to 510 A.D.
  • Badami in the Bijapur district of Karnataka State was the capital of Badami Chalukyas.
  • Jayasimha succeeded by his son Ranaranga.
  • He ruled from 510 to 535 A.D.
  • Both Jayasimha and his son Ranaranga were the feudatories of Kadambas of Banavasi.
  • Ranaranga`s son Pulakesi I ascended the throne in 535 A.D and ruled upto 566 A.D.
  • As Kadambas were weak Pulakesi I revolted against them and declared independence.
  • He converted the hill near Badami into a strong fortress.
  • He fought in many battles for the expansion of his kingdom and celebrated his victories by performing Aswamedha Sacrifice.
  • Pulakesi I succeeded by his son Kirthivarma.
  • Kirthivarma ascended the throne in 566 A.D.
  • He defeated Kadambas and occupied norther Konkan and Kenera regions.
  • He also defeated Nalas of Nalavadi(Bellary and Kurnool).
  • He had the title of Maharaja.
  • As the son of Kirthivarma was a minor, his brother Mangalesa ascended the throne.
  • Mangalesa fought against Kalachuries and occupied Island of Revathi.
  • As Mangalesa did not hand over the power to Pulakesi II (son of Kirtivarma), Pulakesi II waged war against his uncle Mangalesa and killed him in the battle.
  • Pulakesi II was the greatest ruler in the Badami Chalukya Dynasty.
  • After Pulakesi II, Vikramaditya I, Vinayaditya, Vijayaditya, Vikramaditya II and Kirtivarma II were succeeded.
  • During the period of Kirtivarma II, Dantidurga who as the feudatory chief of the western Maharashtra declared independence and founded Rashtrakuta dynasty.
  • The Badami Chalukya rule came to end when Krishna I of the Rashtrakuta dynasty defeated Kirtivarma II and annexed the whole kingdom of Badami Chalukyas