Indian History

Major Ports

India had developed water ways since ancient times. India has seas on its three sides and has ports.
The major ports of India are:
Kandla : This is in the Gulf of Kachchh in Gujrat.
Mumbai : It is in the state of Maharastra. There is another one port. It is named Navaseva. Mumbai port is called the “Gate way of India”.
Marmagoa : It is located at the entrance of Zuari estuary in Goa state.
New Mangaluru Port : It is the most important port of Karnataka.
Kochi : It is in Kerala.
Tuticorin : It is in Tamilnadu.
Chennai : It is in Tamilnadu. It is the oldest port of India. It has an artificial harbour.
Vishakhapatnam : It is a natural port located in Andhra Pradesh.
Paradeep : It is in Oddisha state. It is a recently developed port.
Kolkata : It is on the river Hoogly in West Bengal. It is a natural
harbour. This port is called the “Tea port of India”.
Haldia : It is a newly developed port on the coast of Bay of Bengal
to overcome the problems of congestion at Kolkata port.
Traffic handled at Major Ports: (in million tonnes)
1 Kolkata: 15.28
2 Haldia: 31.01
3 Paradip: 71.01
4 Visakhapatnam: 58.00
5 Chennai: 52.54
6 V.O. Chidambaranar: 32.41
7 Cochin: 21.60
8 New Mangalore: 36.57
9 Mormugao: 14.71
10 Jawaharlal Nehru: 63.80
11 Mumbai: 61.66
12 Kandla: 92.50
13 Kamarajar (Ennore): 30.25
Total: 581.34
Kolkata and Haldia ports are considered to be a single port.