Indian History

Golden Quadrilateral and Carridor project

This project has 4/6 lane roads with the length of 15000 kms National Highway. This project was started in 1999 at a total cost Rs.54000 crores. This is the largest project taken up and no country in the world has taken is such project. This project has become necessary for the economic development of the country. Corridor roads are important for economic development. These roads connecting east to west and from north to south and they are enabling transportation of goods at a minimum cost and shortest time. This project is gift to industries. The Golden Quadrilateral highway links the major metropolitan cities of the country like Delhi-Mumbai-Bengaluru-Chennai- Hyderabad and Kolkata. Through this highway, other cities like Pune, Satara, Belgavi, Kanchipuram, Agra, Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Vishakapatnam, Kharagpur and Vijayawada get linked.