Indian History

Automic Minerals

India has plenty of atomic minerals. Atomic power is generated using these atomic minerals. Atomic power decides the status and strength of a nation. Atomic power was used only for a country’s defence in the earlier days. But today, it is being widely used for power generation. The important atomic minerals found in India are Uranium, Thorium, Berylium, Lithium etc.

a. Uranium: It is distributed in Singhbhum, Gaya and Hazaribagh districts of Jharkhand, in the loamy soil of Saharanapur of Uttar Pradesh. The sandy coasts of Kerala contains monazite.
b. Thorium: This can is be found in Kerala, Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan.
c. Berylium: Berylium oxide is used as a catalyst or ‘moderator’ in reactors producing nuclear energy. India has sufficient deposits of berylium.
d. Lithium: This light metal is obtained from lepidolite and fudomine ores. It is found abundantly in Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh.