Indian History

Effects of Growth in Population

Human resource is necessary for economic development. But its rate should be moderate with the available natural resources.
Already, India has a very high population. Instead of being a resource, it has become a major problem. Population explosion has a harmful effect on economic development. Rapid growth of population has posed a lot of serious problems. Most important among them are unemployment, shortage of food, lack of nutrition, pressure on civic and social amenities, low per capita income, slow rate of economic development, political unrest and social problems. Thus the increase in population is the main reason for many problems being faced by the country.
Measures to control the growth of population:
To prevent the rapid growth of population, the Indian government has formulated many policies and implemented them. Important among them are family planning, women welfare projects, prevention of infant mortality, field plans, publicity and advertisement, family planning camps, creating awareness among the rural population etc.