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Net National Income

Net national income (NNI), also known as national income, is the sum of GDP at market prices adjusted for CFC(Consumption of Fixed Capital) and net compensation of employees and property income from the rest of the world.
Gross National Income (GNI) = GDP at market prices + taxes less subsidies on production and imports at market prices (Net receivable from abroad) + Compensation of Employees(Net receivable from abroad) + property income (Net receivable from abroad)
Net National Income (NNI) = GNI at market prices - consumption of fixed capital at market prices
Net National Disposable Income NNDI = NNI + net taxes on income and wealth receivable from abroad + net social contributions and benefits receivable from abroad.
Net Natonal Income (NNI) for the year 2019-20:Rs. 1,26,81,246 crores at constant prices (2011-12). Per Capita NNI ( ₹) for 2019-20 at current prices is: 134186
Per Capita NNI ( ₹) for 2019-20 at constant prices is: 94566