Indian History


Mica is an important Non-Ferrous mineral.
India is in a leading position in having deposits of mica and in the manufacture of mica plates
Mica is transparent, heat resistant, shiny silicate mineral. Mica has some qualities; the important among them are insulation and elasity.
It is used in the manufacture of telephones, telegraph, wireless service, glass, colour varnish, artificial rubber, dynamos and chemicals. Mica is also called ‘kage bangara’ in Kannada.
Types of Mica:
Based on the chemical composition and colour, mica is divided into many types.
They are Muscovite (white), Biotite (black), Phlugovite (brown) Lepidotite etc. India has plenty of the best variety, i.e., muscorite.
Mica is found in Nellore, Warangal, Krishna and East Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh, Dhanbad, Palamao, Giridh and Kodarma of Jharkhand, Gaya, Mongair Bagalpur, Naoda districts of Bihar; Udaipur, Ajmira, Bilwara, Jaipur of Rajasthan, Trivandrum of Kerala state, Salem of Tamil Nadu, Jhindwara, Bastar and Balaghat of Madhya Pradesh.
Earlier India was a leading exporter of Mica. Today, because of the availability of substitute for mica, its export has reduced.