Indian History

Iron Ore

Iron ore: Iron ore is the most important Ferrous and Metallic mineral.
Of the total value of mineral production in the country, iron ore constitutes about 20%. India ranks 6th in the world as far as iron ore deposits are concerned. In India, Jharkhand, Orissa and Karnataka states have maximum iron ore deposits. Singhbaum of Jharkhand, Mayurbhanj and Sundargarh districts have huge deposits of iron ore.
Bastar, Durg and Raipur districts of Chattisgarh, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu also have iron ore deposits. In Karnataka, Kemmangundi, Hospet, Sandur and Kudremukh have large deposits of iron ore.
Types of iron ore: Based on the metal and impurities of content, iron ore is classified into four types:
The iron ore, produced in India is being used for iron and steel industries of Karnataka, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Besides, the ore is being exported to Japan, China, Italy, Iran and other countries, thereby earning foreign exchange.