Indian History

IT Industry

At present, the industry progressing very rapidly in India is Information Technology. This is called ‘Knowledge-based industry’. It is based on human knowledge therefore it is called by this name. It has a great influence on the country’s economy and the lifestyle of the people. The growth rate of this industry is faster than any other industries in India.
Information technology is playing an important role in India. India is now one of the biggest IT capitas of the modern world and all the major players in the world IT sector are present in the country. This sector has led to massive employment generation.
The industry continues bo be a net employment generator providing direct employment to about 2.8 million and indirectly employing 8.9 million people and it is dominant player in the global outsourcing sector. However, the sector continues to face challenges of competitiveness in the globalized and modern world, particularly from countries like China and Philippines.
In order to encourage the development of software industry and its export, the Indian government established Software Technology Parks (STP) in 1991. Today, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are very much advanced in the development information technology training centres and universities.
Software forms a major part of our exports and has enabled us to earn foreign exchange. Bengaluru is the center of Information Technology and it is called Silicon City of India. In Karnataka Software Technology Parks have been set up in Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, Udupi and Hubli.
Advanced Technology (AT): With the development of human knowledge and increased use of advanced technology, the Central Government formally setup the Advanced Technology Attachment in 1990.
As a result of this, advanced technology is used in telephone, internet communication, defence department, weapons and nuclear bombs, satellite launching, Lunar projects like chandrayana, transperancy like in administration in government offices (eg: Nemmadi, Aadhar etc.), development of global economic system, educational, social and economic affairs and elections.