Indian History

Eleventh Five Year Plan

The period of Twelfth Five Year Plan was 2007-12. Target growth rate was 9%. Actual growth rate was 8%. It aimed Towards Faster and more Inclusive Growth. India had emerged as one of the fastest growing economy by the endof Tenth Five Year Plan.

This plan was termed as India`s Education Plan. It aimed to increas the enrollment in higher education of 18-23 years of age group by 2011-12. It focussed on distant education,convergence of formal, non-formal, distant and I.T education institutions.

Its focuses on Rapid and inclusive growth-Poverty reduction. Emphasis on social sector and delivery of service therein. Empowerment through education and skill development. Raise real wage rate of unskilled workers by 20% Lower gender gap in literacy to 10 percentage point.

Reduction of gender inequality. Environmental sustainability. Increase the growth rate in agriculture,industry and services to 4%,10% and 9% respectively. Reduce Total Fertility Rate to 2.1. Provide clean drinking water for all by 2009. Increase agriculture growth to 4%. Attain WHO standards of air quality in all major cities by 2011-12.