Indian History

Land Usage

Introduction: Land is the most important natural resource. Use of land for various purposes like cultivation, forestry, grassland, fallow land is called 'Land use'.

Land use in India is divided into the following types:

1. Net sown area: As the economy of India is mainly based on agriculture, major portion of the land is being used for cultivation. India ranks second in the world after U.S.A with respect to the extent of area under cultivation. The cultivation area in Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is more than 60%.

2. Forest land: Forest Land in India is 21.3%. In 1950-51 it was 16.2%. As per National Forest Policy 33% of the area should be covered with forests.

3. Land use for non-agricultural purpose: It is used for construction of buildings, dams, industries, roads etc.

4. Fallow land: It is the uncultivated land.

5. Grassland: Himachal Pradesh has the largest area under grasslands. Punjab and Haryana have the smallest area under grasslands.

6. Other uncultivated land.