Indian History

High Yielding Varieties

1. During last two years 155 new advanced varieties have been developed for different crops including cereals, oilseeds, pulses, fibers and forage crops.

2. 20 new and high yielding varieties of pulses and 24 of oilseeds have been developed during last two years having disease tolerance and resistance. In addition to high yield, the oil content is also on the higher side in this variety of oilseeds.

3. Ninety six varieties have been developed for cereals including rice and wheat, three for fiber crops, nine for forage crops and three for sugarcane.

4. A new variety 'Pusa Mustard 30' and its oil have been launched commercially on 4 February 2016. It contains negligible quantity of undesirable erucic acid which is harmful to hearth health.

5. Three new varieties of 'Khesari Dal' have been developed having negligible quantity of harmful chemical OADP. Initiative has been taken to start cultivation of new and safe Khesari Dal varieties.