Indian History

Major Crops

Variety of crops are growing in different parts of the country depending on the variations in soil, climate and cultivation practices. The important crops grown in India are:

1. Food grains - Paddy(Rice), Wheat etc

2. Commercial crops - Sugarcane, Tobacco etc

3. Fibre crops - Cotton, jute, hemp and natural silk are the four major fibre crops grown in India. The first three are derived from the crops grown in the soil, the latter is obtained from cocoons of the silk worms fed on green leaves specially mulberry. Rearing of silk worms for the production of silk fibre is known as Sericulture.

4. Beverage crops - Coffee, Tea. Coffee and tea are the most important beverage crops grown in India. India is also an important tea and coffee-exporting country in the world.

5. Horticulture and Floriculture: India produces not only food crops, commercial crops and fibre crops, but also many horticultural and floricultural products. Horticulture and floriculture have progressed very well in recent years with the help of research centres.