Indian History

Cropping Pattern

The total cropped area/Gross Cropped Area in India in 2008-09 is 195.10 Million Hectares.29.

The area sown more than once 2008-09 is 53.74 Million Hectares30.

The cropping pattern of a region refers to the proportion of an area under different crops at a given particular of time.

Factors influencing cropping pattern:

1. Natural factors: Among the natural factors, land forms climate and rainfall are important.

2. Economic factors: Commercial crops are growing in vast holdings. Getting more price for their crops is the main purpose of growing such crops.

3. Social factors: Traditions, superstitions, illiteracy etc. play an important role in determining this cropping pattern.

4. Farmers' attitude:

5. Water availability

6. Transport facilities, market, hybrid seeds, chemical fertilizers, land development etc. influence cropping patterns.